Performance Computing: The Commercialization of Linux: The IT Manager’s View

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“The only study examining how and when Linux will be adapted in
the Information Technology marketplace.”

“The Commercialization of Linux is the new report from Miller
Freeman Inc. that provides insight into the current and future use
of Linux.”

“Get the exclusive answers you need to plan your business for
1999 and beyond. Use this report to:

  • Learn how Linux will survive and thrive within
    any commercial IT infrastructure
  • Understand pricing expectations, comparisons
    to alternative platforms
  • Evaluate how and when IT managers plan to
    integrate Linux into their environments
  • Gauge how price, service, and support affect
    the buying decision
  • Discover what categories of products will be
    affected first
  • Examine perceived advantages of Linux and
    obstacles to early adoption
  • Know how IT managers react to Linux use in
    their departments
  • Prepare for Linux integration in the

“…This study was sponsored by Open Source Initiative vendors,
Linuxcare, TurboLinux, Sendmail, and VA Linux Systems.”