Performance Computing: VA Linux Systems’ VarServer S3500e

“As Intel processors gain better performance at a lower cost,
Pentium systems are becoming better suited for the enterprise.
Linux, too, is increasing its share of enterprise installations,
and is garnering a huge amount of publicity. This has made Linux
part of the must-buy or at least must-look-at lists for IT

“This month we look at a Linux server from one of the premier
high-end Linux systems vendors, VA Linux Systems (VA).”

“VA sells high-end Linux workstations and servers, based on
Intel processors. Typically including two or four processors, these
systems represent the high end of the Intel market. VA combines the
free tools on Linux with solid server hardware, adding RAID support
and a special multiprocessor-enabled operating-system kernel. This
isn’t your grandmother’s Linux system.”

“The VA S3500e’s overall rating is excellent, and proof that
Linux has indeed come of age and is ready for the mainstream
competing well against RISC UNIX systems, as well as
Windows NT.”