Phoronix: Initial Impressions: Cold War

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

“After spending a great deal of time with Linux Game
Publishing’s Cold War, we have a few personal comments to share in
regards to its game-play and other happenings with this title. Of
course, this will only be a small portion of what will appear on
Phoronix with this Mindware title. Since last year when the Cold
War demo was made available, it has raised many eyebrows with this
being a unique game from a relatively unheard of company–Mindware
Studios. These studios have only been in existent since July of
2001, and are based inside the Czech Republic, with their only
apparent project at this time being Cold War. Dreamcatcher
Interactive was the publisher of the Microsoft Windows PC version
as well as the port for Microsoft’s Xbox…”

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