Phoronix: NVIDIA Rel90 & Beyond

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

“With the new Linux (and Solaris) driver release just hours ago,
this serves as the inaugural release for 2006 (unless of course,
counting the 1.0-8183 display drivers). This NVIDIA 1.0-8756
release fits in line with NVIDIA’s Linux release cycle that has
become pretty much standard — being an approximate 4 months/3
weeks/4 months, with the previous 1.0-8178 release falling towards
the end of the December. This also means we should anticipate
another driver release towards the end of April or early May. The
next minor release may coincide with the X.Org 7.1 launch. After
that, we are likely to see no major releases (at least those made
available from nvidia.com) until September or October of this year.
Of course, this is simply a general overview and the release cycle
is always capable of changing…”