Phoronix: OCZ Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart 1GB

[ Thanks to Michael
for this link. ]

“Last year we were first to publish our findings from the OCZ
Rally series, and today we are doing the same for OCZ Technology’s
latest creation–the Mini-Kart Flash Drive. The Rally Flash Drive
was OCZ’s first stab at creating a competitive USB 2.0 device, and
they certainly managed to shock the market with its blazing fast
capabilities. In fact, their OCZ Rally continues to be the fastest
drive we have ever tested since it had annihilated the Corsair
Flash Voyager. With OCZ’s second attempt of expanding their flash
media outlook, will they remain successful in providing computer
users with a new alternative? Rather than going for the title of
being a speed king, the OCZ Mini-Kart is designed to be small,
actually quite small. In fact, the device itself is only 2.8mm
thick, and is small enough to store in your wallet. While the
device is the smallest we have seen, it is available in multiple
capacities up to 2GB and is designed to be incredibly durable. We
at Phoronix have already pushed the OCZ Mini-Kart to its limits,
and have the results in front of us today…”

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