Phoronix: Transgaming Cedega v5.1 + ATI

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“February this year had marked the Transgaming Cedega v5.1
release. This release had appended support for several new games
(Civilization 4, FIFA 2006, and Need for Speed Most Wanted) as well
as offering several game enhancements, a new user-interface, and
copy protection improvements. For those that are not familiar with
Cedega and Transgaming, here is an explanation from our previous
Cedega v5.1 article:

“For the uninformed, Cedega allows hundreds of Microsoft Windows
engineered games to run on Linux seamlessly with very little
end-user modifications required. Some of the supported games range
from Battlefield 2 to World of War Craft, and Madden 2006. Cedega
is similar to Code Weaver’s CrossOver Office and WINE except is
specialized for use with games…”

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