Pill Gang Used Microsoft�s Network in Attack on KrebsOnSecurity.com

“An organized cyber crime gang known for aggressively pushing
male enhancement drugs and other knockoff pharmaceuticals used
Internet addresses belonging to Microsoft as part of a massive
denial-of-service attack against KrebsOnSecurity.com late last

“The attack on my Web site happened on Sept. 23, roughly 24
hours after I published a story about a criminal online service
that brazenly sold stolen credit card numbers for less than $2 each
(see: I’ll Take Two MasterCards and a Visa, Please). That story got
picked up by BoingBoing, Gizmodo, NPR and a variety of other sites,
public attention that no doubt played a part in the near-immediate
suspension of that criminal Web site.

“At first, it wasn’t clear what was behind the attack, which at
one point caused a flood of traffic averaging 2.3 gigabits of junk
data per second (see graph above).”

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