Pivoting Linux in a post-PC world

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“I am of two minds about this whole notion of post PC. On the
one hand, I freely admit that these sorts of devices are very
useful to get work done on the fly. There have been countless times
I have checked e-mail, read a document, even posted grades for a
class from a post-PC device: exactly the kind of work one would
expect could get done on such hardware. I have even written
articles on such content, though it’s not my favorite thing to do,
mostly because I crave ergonomic keyboards to do a lot of content

“But (and you knew this was coming), I also wonder how much real
work–the kind we do on our PCs, regardless of operating
system–can get done on these devices. When all is said and done,
every post-PC device has a singular, common feature, no matter what
operating system it uses: they all have one single screen that
displays one app at a time. “

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