PlantAutomation.com: Graphite Specialties Manufacturing Plant Turns to Linux-based SCADA Solution

“UCAR International plans to upgrade its industrial process
control computer system at its graphite specialties manufacturing
plant (Clarksburg, WV) with MODCOMP’s new Linux version of
ScadaBase. The new process control system will be used to
simultaneously monitor and control temperature and pressure of gas
fired baking furnaces used in the manufacturing process….”

“ScadaBase supports batch and continuous process control
applications for industries such as energy, metals, oil and gas,
rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp and paper,
and food and beverages….”

Cook also notes that the modular software architecture of
ScadaBase, coupled with commercially available hardware running
Linux, provides for system expansion, scalability, and
interoperability with enterprise business systems.

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