Please Mozilla, Let Me Disable Firefox Panorama

“I may be a bit old fashioned when it comes to changes in new
versions of my favorite web browser Firefox. This can be partly
attributed to years of working with a particular feature, only to
find it completely revamped in a new version. Don’t get me wrong,
if a feature makes sense from a usability point of view I’m all for
it. But the Firefox developers lately seem to have concentrated
much of their energy on making changes to the graphical user
interface and the user’s interaction with the browser.

“Tabs on top, removal of the menu and status bar come to mind.
All have in common that it is up to the user to use the new layout,
or switch back to the old one. Even the removed status bar can be
replaced with the newly invented add-on’s bar. Users who like to
keep things as they are are satisfied, and as are users who embrace
the change.

“Firefox Panorama on the other hand is completely different. The
new feature was renamed twice already, from Tab Candy to Tab Sets
to Panorama. What does it do?”

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