Pluto Meeting 2000, Terni, Italy, 9-11 December

[ Thanks to Simon
for this link. ]

The Pluto Meeting 2000 (http://meeting.pluto.linux.it)
will be held inthe Italian town of Terni starting December 9 and on
through the 11. Pluto Meeting 2000 is an event devoted to the
diffusion of Linux andFree Software.

This event will include talks and courses on the use of Free
Software in both the enterprise and single-user contexts. A series
of meetings will be held on topis chosen by the partecipants and
companies will be meeting users in the exibitor’s area.

We are currently seeking experts willing to hold talks of half an
hour to one hour in length during one of the days of Pluto Meeting

Those interested in submitting a proposal for a talk can write to
the secratary of the conference at [email protected].
Please include a detailed abstract.

Your abstract will necessarily include:

  • Your name and e-mail;
  • A brief description of your past involvement in Free
  • A concise summary (one page maximum) of the talk you are
    willing to hold;

Abstracts will be revised by the organizing committe of the Meeting
and authors will receive feedback on their proposals ASAP.