Pogoplug media server adds Wi-Fi

“Cloud Engines announced a new version of its Marvell Plug
Computer-based Pogoplug NAS and media-sharing device. The Pogoplug
Pro adds one major new feature — built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi — and
features Pogoplug software enhancements added in recent months,
including Android 2.1 and iPad apps as well as cloud-based printing

“Normally, a one-feature upgrade is not enough to merit a story,
but in this case, the product is the popular, Linux-based Pogoplug
media server device, and the feature has been sorely in demand:
Wi-Fi. As a result, the device can be kept hidden away, and
Ethernet cable clutter can be reduced, says Cloud Engines.

“The Pogoplug Pro also appears to have lost the pink coloring
that debuted in its second-generation version, and is now plain old
black. Best of all, the device keeps its $99 price tag.”


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