Popular Columnist Paul Ferris Becomes New Linux Today SysAdmin

By Dwight Johnson, Linux

Popular Linux writer Paul Ferris has joined Linux Today as
system administrator and chief site programmer replacing Linux
Today co-founder Dave Whitinger who has left Linux Today to pursue
other interests.

Paul is a prolific writer for the Linux community and is well
known for his perspicuity and great wit. His articles have appeared
during the past two years both on Linux Today and 32BitsOnline. He
is perhaps most famous for his ‘Rant Mode’ column:

Rant Mode
Equals One: Linux Reality Versus Microsoft Myth
(Oct 09,
Rant Mode Equals
One: Software that works anytime, anyplace, any device
(Aug 26,
Rant Mode Equals
One: Majority Rule
(Jul 25, 1999)
Rant Mode Equals
One: Anti-Anti Virus Software == Open Source Software
(Jul 02,
Rant Mode Equals
One: Slots and Centralized Decentralization
(Jun 09, 1999)
Rant Mode Equals
One: The Best Choice for Slots Globnick
(Jun 05, 1999)

Paul has also helped support free software via Internet Relay
Chat since 1995.

Less well known are Paul’s Linux and programming skills.

Paul Ferris has over 11 years of Unix and Linux experience. His
background spans multiple operating systems and environments
including VMS, Windows NT, Various Unices and Linux.

Before joining Linux Today, Paul was a senior systems engineer
at Borgware, Inc. in Kent, Ohio, where his duties included
specification, installation, customization, and trouble-shooting of
hardware and software, application and shell programming, customer
training, sales and consulting.

In addition to his duties as system, network and Web
administrator for the Linux Today Web servers, Paul will continue
the development of Linux Today’s 30,000+ lines of Perl programming.
Paul will represent Linux Today at selected conferences and expos.
Paul’s writings will continue to appear on Linux Today and he will
also contribute his editorial skills and be a backup story

Paul resides in Louisville, Ohio, with his wife Lisa, son Tim
15, three cats and a dog.