PR: Launching Opera Models

Oslo, Norway – April 1, 2006 – Opera Software today
announced a new and bold business initiative as a reaction to the
falling standards of stock photography. Named ‘Opera Models’ the
new venture aims to fill the vast market need for realistic stock
photography in the technology sector. The photos will contain no
manicured PDA-wielding gentleman’s hands close-ups, groups of
smiling multi-ethnic supermodels with white teeth and mobile phones
or pretty people jumping in the air, but real people and how they
actually use technology.

Images are available at http://www.opera.com/models/

Opera Models aims to provide high-resolution, realistic images
of Opera employees and how they, as a perfectly representable
cross-section of the world’s population, may use technology in
their everyday lives. Images are available from opera.com/models/,
and the categories include: in the bathroom, at a party, in bed, at
work, leisure and more.

Quotes from Reviews:

“On a scale from 1 to 10!”
– Ithaca Trade Press

***** (five stars)
“Opera Models is just great. Finally someone has the courage to
show it like it is!”
– Gettysburg News Journal

– Ashton Kutcher