PR Newswire: Giganet Extends cLAN Product Family With New High Port Density Switches

“14- and 30-Port Switches Combine Lowest Price-Per-Port and
Highest Scalability”

Giganet, Inc., a leader in server scalability for the Internet
age, today announced new cluster switches in 14- and 30-port
configurations for its Windows NT and Linux product lines (see
related announcement issued today ‘Giganet Brings the Power of cLAN
Server Farm Interconnects to Linux’).

The new cluster switches can be used as flexible,
high-performance building blocks for extremely large cluster
configurations of Intel servers. Individual servers can be
assembled to form a continually expanding computing resource by
utilizing cLAN to connect racks of these servers into server farms.
Server farms are a cost effective way to enhance an IT
infrastructure to meet the demands of the Internet.

Giganet’s award-winning cLAN products provide the highest
performance server-to-server communications on the market today.
The new switches also offer the industry’s lowest price-per-port,
at $625 per port, which is far below any other server interconnect
solution. By lowering the price-per-port for connecting servers,
Giganet has improved the ability for businesses to cost effectively
scale their computing resources. With increased port density,
customers can further leverage cLAN’s performance and flexibility
to support mission-critical Internet, financial and
scientific/engineering applications.