PR Newswire: Linux, Open Source Movements Shift Spotlight Back to UNIX System Innovation and Away from Single-Vendor Lock-In

“SCO (Nasdaq: SCOC), the world’s leading provider of UNIX
systems, today affirmed its long-standing support for the Linux and
Open Source movements by adding Linux application binary support to
its award-winning UnixWare 7 platform. As a sponsor of Linux
International, SCO supports the Linux and Open Source movements.
These movements accelerate the shift to network computing and help
customers avoid being pulled into a single-vendor “hijack” of their
business computing software.”

“At the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, California,
SCO gave a number of demonstrations, including:

— Running popular Linux applications on the UnixWare 7
— Accessing Linux and UNIX applications via the UnixWare 7
— Running Open Source software on the UnixWare 7 system”