PR Newswire: SGI and Red Hat Bring Linux to the Enterprise Marketplace

“SGI and Red Hat, Inc. today jointly announced that the
companies have entered into an agreement to provide Red Hat®
Linux® on SGI’s products based on the Intel® microprocessor
architecture. Under this license, SGI will install and distribute
the SGI(TM) Linux® Environment with Red Hat Linux on a number
of the company’s new and future products.”

“The strategic alliance between SGI and Red Hat will ensure
compatibility and reliability with all software written for the
Linux® operating system, giving SGI’s customers powerful
enterprise computing solutions. SGI’s expertise in system
performance and customer support, together with Red Hat, will help
make Linux a success in the corporate marketplace.”

“‘SGI has a long history of contributing innovation and
technology to the open source community,’ said Bob Young,
co-founder and CEO of Red Hat. ‘Together SGI and Red Hat will be
able to expand Linux into enterprise markets with powerful and
reliable solutions.'”

“‘Our agreement with Red Hat will make Linux a robust,
enterprise-class operating system giving SGI’s customers the most
reliable and scalable Linux solutions in the industry,’ said John
R. ‘Beau’ Vrolyk, senior vice president, Computer Systems Business
Unit, SGI. ‘We are focused on delivering the best Linux product to
our customers, beginning with today’s introduction of the SGI
1400L. SGI is committed to Linux and is contributing the company’s
technical leadership to the open source community with features
such as improved multi-processing and journaling file