Preview: Debian 6 “Squeeze” Standard + KDE Trinity

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“Second, this is not a Debian version that I wanted to
test for the sake of testing it; my ultimate goal is to install the
Trinity DE and thus make an Oxidized Trinity variant based on
Debian. There will be no screenshots because most of the action
occurs at the terminal; the finished Oxidized Trinity screenshots
will be included in a separate article (because I haven’t yet
finished). Debian needs no further introduction, so follow the jump
to see the rest. I followed these tutorials to do this: this one on
doing a net installation of “Squeeze”, and this one on doing a
minimal net installation of Debian 4 “Etch” with the X Windowing

“This time I did things a little differently. Yes, I did this in
VirtualBox with 1024 MB of RAM, but instead of downloading a Debian
Live image, I downloaded a netinstall ISO image and proceeded
straight into the installation (upon booting the system). Based on
the tutorials, I went into the text-based installer as opposed to
the graphical installer.

“The installer itself was fairly intuitive. I created a 1 GB
swap partition and left the rest of my 10 GB virtual hard drive to
the root partition. Also, I opted not to install any extra
components except for the “Standard system”. (Side note: I
accidentally pressed ‘ENTER’ instead of ‘SPACE’ to deselect
“Desktop environment”, so I had to force reboot and do it all over
again.) The installation was quick and painless and after about 15
minutes I rebooted and found myself at a shiny, blingtastic

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