PRNewswire: Advanced Mission Critical Alert Server Announced by Serenity Systems

Serenity Systems has announced the industry’s most
expansive alert server for mission critical environments. WiseAlert
Server supports cross platform environments from MVS to Intel,
including AS/400, RS/6000, Unix, Linux, Windows and OS/2.

“WiseAlert’s comprehensive messaging capabilities will be of
interest to mission critical application developers, users,
consultants, and service providers. In addition to the typical
network messaging, automatic e.mail, WiseAlert can broadcast faxes,
broadcast text messages to alpha pagers, and even call users
selecting numbers based on time of day, day of week, “follow me”
call forwarding instructions, or combinations of these

“The impressive functionality of WiseAlert goes beyond simple
messaging. “A system fails, you get a phone call. WiseAlert Server
can require a PIN be entered, then describe the failure and offer a
set of corrective actions which can be executed right at that
moment, over the phone, by voice command or pressing a key on the
phone,” according to Bob St. John of Serenity Systems.”

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