PRNewswire: Computer I/O and MontaVista… Partner… Embedded Linux I/O Servers and Appliances

“Computer I/O Corporation, a leading supplier of software that
simplifies network access to live and real-time data streams, and
MontaVista Software Inc., a provider of open source operating
systems for embedded software, today announced a strategic
relationship that will allow embedded application developers to
easily create high performance Linux I/O servers and appliances.
The joint effort will deliver a Linux-based real-time server
platform designed for the unique needs of time-sensitive,
high-bandwidth applications using streaming media such as
multi-media, telecommunications and web servers.”

“Computer I/O designed Easy I/O to allow developers to build
real-time Linux I/O servers without the need to understand
low-level real-time programming issues. MontaVista is focused on
enabling the use of Linux in embedded environments where delivery
response guarantees are needed for streaming media and other
latency-sensitive devices.”

“Under the agreement, Computer I/O will use MontaVista’s Hard
Hat(TM) Linux as an embedded platform for its Easy I/O(TM) product
line that simplifies the creation and access of deterministic I/O
servers and appliances. The combination of Hard Hat Linux and Easy
I/O will give application developers an embedded I/O server
platform with transparent network access for both data transfers
and browser-based hardware configuration and monitoring.”

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