PRNewswire: Ganjo Releases New Java-based Web Application Server; Considers Open-Source Model

“Ganjo, a leading developer of web-based application products
announced the release of Ganjo Application Server Version 2.0, a
tag-based, cross-platform web application server written entirely
in Java. The company is also actively considering releasing the
product as an open-source project.”

“We’ve been compared to Allaire’s ColdFusion because we extend
HTML through custom tags,” said Steve Esemplare, Ganjo’s co-founder
and lead developer. “But our Java code base sets us apart from
ColdFusion because our one product can be deployed on any platform,
including Linux. With a total code size of only 125k this positions
us very well for the emerging Linux market because Ganjo will run
on all versions of Linux, and lowers the hardware requirements for
companies who want to connect databases to web servers or build
web-based applications.”

“We recognize that ColdFusion is by far the leading tag-based
web application server, and part of its success is due to
leveraging the large pool of developers familiar with HTML.
However,” said Esemplare, “our experience indicates there are
developers who believe such technology should not be proprietary
and would prefer the code be accessible to everyone. For this
reason we are seriously considering the open source model for Ganjo
Application Server, and we encourage developers to visit our web
page and participate in our survey.

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