PRNewswire: IBSS, Inc. Certifies Synapse Manufacturing(TM) and Synapse EAI+(TM) for Linux

“Integrated Business Systems & Services, Inc.
(“IBSS”)…announced it has certified Synapse Manufacturing(TM) and
Synapse EAI+(TM) for the Linux freeware operating system. The
announcement comes at a time when the open source operating system,
a UNIX-like operating system available at no charge to businesses,
is gaining momentum as a cost-effective system of choice for
running many business applications.”

“We’re seeing an increased interest from our customers in
Linux,” says Harry Langley, President and CEO of IBSS. “Linux
is growing in market share specifically in the business to business
community. It is an excellent platform choice for mid-size and
large manufacturing companies because of its reliability, enhanced
performance, remote administration functionality, and cost

“Synapse Manufacturing(TM) — is a fully configurable
Manufacturing Execution, Order Fulfillment and Enterprise
Application Integration System that can be applied horizontally
across manufacturing industry verticals. With Synapse
Manufacturing(TM), adaptation to any given manufacturing
environment is only a matter of configuration, rather than
extensive and timely coding modifications. Synapse
Manufacturing(TM) can function as a stand-alone system or can be
easily integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply
Chain Management (SCM), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS),
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), plant automation, such as
machine, quality and process control, and legacy systems.”

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