PRNewswire: LinuxMall.com Announces Partnership Agreement with UserFriendly.org

Tux the penguin and Dust Puppy, the hottest celebrities in
the IT technical community, have announced their partnership
agreement. Geeks from around the Internet are gathering to support
the cuddly mascots in the joint venture.

“The partnership between Tux, the Linux mascot and User
Friendly’s Dust Puppy clears the way for a cross-marketing
agreement between LinuxMall.com and UserFriendly.org. A formal
announcement of the agreement will be made at the Linux Business
Expo at COMDEX/Spring in Chicago on Wednesday, April 19 at 1 p.m.
in the Media Facilities Room S103 at McCormick Place, followed by a
book-signing at the LinuxMall.com booth L3276.”

“I’m thrilled about the Little Guy and my new friends at User
Friendly,” said Tux in response to the agreement. “My favorite
thing to do after eating a few gallons of raw herring, is to curl
up with Dust Puppy and the cast of User Friendly. Now I’ll get some
laughs first-hand.”

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