PRNewswire: LOG Announces Parallel Processing Support for Linux

“Red Hat to Demonstrate New ILOG Parallel Solver on Red Hat
Linux PC-Class Servers at System Builder Summit.”

“ILOG today announced that its parallel processing optimization
components now support Linux, including the new ILOG Parallel
Solver — being announced today — and ILOG Parallel CPLEX, a move
that will bring high-end parallel optimization applications to the
Linux community for the first time. Linux support for parallel
processing brings the robustness of parallel UNIX together with the
cost-performance benefits of PC-class servers. Red Hat… will
conduct the first public demonstration of the new ILOG Parallel
Solver running on PC-class multiprocessor servers during the System
Builder Summit in Palm Springs, March 8-11.”

“‘Today’s announcement underscores the reliability of Linux used
for business-critical enterprise applications, of which
optimization via parallel processing is a prime example,’ said
Michael Tiemann, Red Hat chief technology officer.”

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