PRNewswire: Multiple Zones Announces the Launch of its Linux eStore

“Multiple Zones International), a leading solution-based direct
reseller of over 100,000 computer products and services to
businesses and consumers, today announces the launch of its
dedicated Linux eStore… This store, dedicated to serving the
Linux community with hundreds of products for the Linux Operating
System, is another step in the Company’s evolution to broaden its
product and service offerings for small businesses.”

“‘The Linux movement is becoming more important to our small
business customers,’ stated Phil Lalji, Chairman, President and CEO
of Multiple Zones. ‘Based on their feedback, we have constructed a
store that aggregates the increasingly broad offering of products
for the Linux Operating System in one location.'”

“The Linux eStore offers products for both the Wintel and Power
PC systems and from a variety of vendors, including Red Hat, Corel
and Caldera, among others. The Linux eStore also offers electronic
software downloads for selected products. The Linux eStore is being
supported with dedicated account representatives, customer service
and tech support in order to provide our small business customers
with a resource for learning about Linux.”

Press release