PRNewswire: MySpace.com Announces Technology, Infrastructure And Financing Alliance With HP

“Today, MySpace.com (formerly FreeDiskSpace.com) announced an
agreement with Hewlett-Packard Company whereby MySpace.com has
selected HP to provide hardware, integration and advisory services
for the deployment of a file storage and serving system providing
up to 200 terabytes for the MySpace.com online file storage and
sharing service. As part of the agreement, HP is providing
MySpace.com with up to $14.6 million in financing to fund
technology infrastructure and other start-up costs.”

“MySpace.com, which announced last week the acquisition of its
millionth member, provides state-of-the-art features for both
consumers and businesses to store and collaborate with files
online. MySpace is rapidly becoming one of the largest destinations
for online file storage on the Internet. The company’s member base
continues to grow faster than projected rates and current members
are spending more time using the services daily, as they realize
the benefits of storing and sharing their files online.”

“MySpace.com is a leading online file storage and sharing
company that provides a virtual hard drive for a network of
communities such as PC, Macintosh, LINUX, MP3 and PDA.

Offering consumers a variety of file storage and management
features and a suite of functionality to integrate storage with
other online computing tasks, the company’s mission is to expand
online storage services and capabilities to meet the needs of the
evolving Internet community.”

Press Release