PRNewswire: Oracle and Red Hat Join Forces…

“Oracle Corp….today reaffirmed a strategic partnership between
the two companies aimed at bringing quality products and support to
the Linux community. To kick-off this relationship, Oracle and Red
Hat jointly announced that Oracle has certified Oracle8i(TM) on
Red Hat Linux , and that future Oracle product releases will also
be certified on Red Hat as they become available.
Oracle and
Red Hat also announced a promotional offering of Oracle8i to Red
Hat developers who register on Red Hat’s corporate website, Red
Hat.com…The offer will be available on redhat.com on September
27, 1999, and will include a membership to Oracle Technology
Network…Oracle’s developer site.”

“Today’s two announcements mark the first in a series of
initiatives by these two market leaders to bring developers and
ISVs the solid infrastructure they need to build Internet-based,
enterprise-class applications. In addition to the Oracle8i
distribution project, Oracle and Red Hat plan to roll out a series
of jointly sponsored education and enablement programs this fall to
ISVs and corporate developers, including webcasts, regional
seminars and special training offers…”

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