PRNewswire: SCO and Industry Leaders Establish Free Standards Group

“The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) announced today it has
become a charter member of the Free Standards Group, an assembly of
industry-leading companies driving to establish the Linux Standard
Base (LSB). SCO has been involved since late 1999 in an effort to
standardize Linux.”

“LSB is designed to help the Linux market reach a new level of
maturity and give ISVs a single target port rather than multiple
ports for multiple platforms. Currently, there are minor variations
among Linux distributions that make it difficult for ISVs to
support Linux. The ultimate goal of the LSB is to provide a single,
standard reference that will allow vendors to reap the benefit of
seeing greater ISV support for Linux. “

“The establishment of a single Linux standard will be incredible
and will help the Tarantella Division as it enters the Linux
marketplace with products like Tarantella Express,” said Mike Orr,
president of the Tarantella Division at SCO. “LSB would also help
SCO’s Server Software Division by increasing Linux compatibility
with SCO operating platforms. Finally, the SCO Professional
Services Division would benefit by offering consulting services for
LSB compliant Linux distributions. In the grand scheme of things,
ISVs will reap huge benefits from a single Linux standard, which
will increase the total number of applications available for LSB
compliant Linux platforms. Overall, this will strengthen the power
of both UNIX and Linux on Intel and increase the value of all
platforms to the end user.”

Press Release

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