PRNewswire: StarNet Communications Corp. – Free PC X Server for Storm Linux 2000 Users

“StarNet Communications Corp., a leading publisher of
PC-to-Linux connectivity software, today announced that Stormix
Technologies Inc., Canada’s leading distributor of a top Linux
operating systems, will ship a fully-licensed copy of the
just-released Version 5.0 of StarNet’s flagship X-Win32 PC X server
with the Storm Linux 2000 operating system.”

“X-Win32, which allows companies to deploy enterprise-wide
Linux solutions, is the leading PC X server for connecting Windows
PCs with Linux servers and applications.
Users of the Storm
Linux OS will receive a free 1-year license for X-Win32, which
lists at $200.00. The license is upgraded to a permanent license
when one or more additional licenses are purchased.”

“Storm Linux 2000 is one of the fastest-growing distributors of
the Linux operating system and offers an easy-to-install Linux OS
that is bundled with numerous popular Linux software applications.
Using X-Win32, system administrators will be able to provide
Windows users in their organization one-click access to Linux
applications residing on Linux servers.”

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