PRNewswire: SteelEye Acquisition of High-Availability Clustering LifeKeeper Holds Promise for Linux

“SteelEye Technology, Inc., announced today that it has
completed the strategic acquisition of LifeKeeper a high-quality,
commercially-proven, high-availability (HA) technology originally
developed by AT&T and NCR Corporation. LifeKeeper will become
the centerpiece of SteelEye’s strategic offering for the Linux
community, providing a foundation technology that ensures the
reliability and performance of Linux as a platform for the rapidly
evolving demands of eBusiness and Web-based applications. The
LifeKeeper acquisition establishes SteelEye as a leader in HA
products that offer fault-resilience at system and application

“‘When we looked at failover software, the only thing out there
that was robust and dependable enough was Lifekeeper,’ said Lester
Morgan, manager of NFL Information Services. ‘Lifekeeper worked as

“LifeKeeper provides a rich set of features offering users more
than simple server failover and load balancing. With LifeKeeper, an
eBusiness enterprise can implement systems that allow for system,
application and data availability. System failures are
automatically recovered while LifeKeeper restores all network
interfaces, data and applications, keeping downtime to a minimum
and ensuring application availability. The software uses multiple
fault detection mechanisms to recognize hardware component or
application faults long before a total system failure can

“SteelEye Technology, Inc. was founded in 1999. The company
provides high-availability clustering solutions for Linux
environments. SteelEye Technology’s flagship product, LifeKeeper,
has been installed on thousands of enterprise servers at Fortune
500 companies including Chase Manhattan Bank, AT&T Corporation
and Intel Corporation.”

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