PRNewswire: SteelEye Receives Investment From the Intel 64 Fund to Support Linux Product Plans

“SteelEye Technology Inc., an emerging leader in
high-availability solutions for Linux announced today that it has
received funding from the Intel 64 Fund. Full financial details
were not disclosed, but the investment was made in support of
SteelEye’s commitment to develop and port a version of its newly
acquired flagship product LifeKeeper(R) for Intel’s upcoming IA64
product family, beginning with the Itanium(R) processor.”

“LifeKeeper is a commercially proven high-availability
clustering solution that ensures critical eBusiness applications
and data are consistently accessible regardless of where client
applications reside in an organization. LifeKeeper leverages
the power and stability of Linux with the high-availability and
fault resilience required by companies wanting to develop Linux
eBusiness and Web-based applications.
LifeKeeper is a key part
of SteelEye’s strategy for delivering enterprise-class solutions to
support mission-critical applications on Linux. The LifeKeeper
product family offers sophisticated 24 x 7, high-availability and
fault-resilient functionality assuring that eBusinesses are
continually operational.”

“”We are delighted with the Intel 64 Fund investment in Steeleye
supporting our efforts to provide high availability solutions on
Linux,” said Jim Fitzgerald, president and CEO of SteelEye.
“Through the support of the Intel 64 fund, we are committed to
making these solutions available on Intel’s upcoming IA-64 product
family beginning with the Itanium processor.””

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