PRNewswire: TurboLinux and Motorola Collaborate on Linux Embedded Systems…

“TurboLinux, Inc., the high performance Linux company, announced
today the first Chinese language version of a Linux embedded
operating system running on Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Semiconductor
Products Sector’s PowerPC8240.”

“”Our collaboration with Motorola on embedded Linux systems will
provide our customers with more powerful and convenient products,”
said Iris Miller, president of TurboLinux Asia/Pacific. “This is an
important part of the high performance Linux solutions we provide
to our customers.””

“Linux for embedded systems is gaining in popularity worldwide.
But in China, Linux embedded systems are relatively new to the
market. The TurboLinux solution provides the first Chinese
Linux embedded system running on the PowerPC8240 reference platform
in China.
This system features high reliability, high
flexibility, high stability, combined with low memory and hard disk
requirements. Customer benefits include full Chinese support (input
Chinese and Chinese menus under Xwindow) and extensive hardware
equipment support (including CDROM, floppy drive, network interface
card, display card).”

Press Release