PRNewswire: Unix Still Dominant, but NT Expected to Gain Significant Share in the Server Market

“NT will be the key engine for growth within the worldwide
server market. According to the new Server Market Review and
Forecast, 1998-2003 report from International Data Corporation
(IDC), NT will expand its share of the worldwide server market from
13.8% in 1998 to 30% in 2003. This significant jump represents a
25% compound annual growth rate.”

“Unix servers will maintain their leadership position as the
largest operating system platform, according to IDC. By 2003, they
are expected to capture $37 billion in end-user spending, or 41% of
the total server market. Vendor consolidations and midrange focus
will shape the Unix server market. As IA64 chips become available,
IDC notes there will be a trend toward fewer versions of Unix.

“Outside of the six named operating systems (NetWare, NT, Unix,
OpenVMS, OS400, OS390), IDC distinguishes Linux as one whose
initial impact will mainly be among home users of PCs rather than
business users of servers. Future research initiatives are
currently underway to determine the impact of Linux in the
commercial market segment.”

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