PRNewswire: Worldwide Online Corp to Acquire Equity Stake in E-Commerce Company

“Worldwide Data, Inc… announces the launch of Phase I of
the application development for RegisterOnNet Technologies…

This new e-commerce application provides an interactive,
user-friendly mechanism, for clients to register for local programs
and activities. Worldwide Online designed and developed the
application from RegisterOnNet’s concept and as the Application
Service Provider (ASP), will host and manage the application as it
is launched.”

“Worldwide is playing an active role in the development of a
true “killer-app”. The RegisterOnNet service appeals to both B2B
and B2C markets…”

“… The Linux based system is supported by an Oracle
application that stores the program and transactional
information and emulates the business procedure, applicable to that
organization. The target market includes all levels of local and
national governments, civic and independent, commercial
organizations, including sports and fitness centers, special
interest and ethnic groups in North America.”

Press release