Proprietary Linux software: A big dilemma for many Linux users

“Jack Wallen re-visits a very touchy topic among Linux users –
open vs. closed source. It’s always been a hot debate and he wants
to know the opinion of the TechRepublic community.

“Recently something came up with one of the other sites I write
for. I proposed an article about the Hamachi VPN client which had
an outstanding version for Linux. The setup was incredibly simple,
the software ran well, it was free, and it could save many a admin
a lot of headaches in the setup of VPN servers. Problem was, the
software was proprietary. Although there was no cost attached to
the software, it wasn’t possible to download the source and do with
it what you will.

“I understand the point and, after a bit of argument, I
relented. Of course I understand that, when given the choice
between an open source and non-open source solution, the open
source solution will almost always be more appealing. But this
stance has one major catch: It hinders companies trying to make a
living by creating software for the Linux operating system from
doing just that. Let me put it more simply:”

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