Python Community Server: A Quick Look at KDE 3.2 Beta 2

“I am a bit reluctant to write about a new KDE version, because
I am very attached to the project, and really can’t be impartial,
but I have now updated to KDE 3.1.94 (AKA 3.2 beta 2), and I say,
what the heck, I like it!

“In this piece, I may liberally speak about stuff that is not in
KDE proper as if it were, don’t mention it, I already know about
it. Also, the score numbers are just personal, if you disagree:
buh-hu. Also, I will treat stuff I just found out about as if it
were new. If you notice something here that has been present in an
earlier release: tough. Finally, this is not comprehensive, it’s
just a couple of things I noticed…”


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