Q.bo open source robot now available to pre-order

“Spanish company TheCorpora is now accepting pre-orders for its
Q.bo open source and open hardware robot. TheCorpora founder
Francisco Paz spent several years working on the rolling robot,
which is about 45 cm tall and can be used both in research and
around the home.

“The Q.bo Basic Kit is currently priced at €499 for the
first 1,000 units, but will later go up to €623.75. It
includes all mechanical components, the housing and the controller
boards as a self-assembly kit. However, it doesn’t include sensors
and PC components; these are part of the Q.bo Complete Lite kit for
€1,699; the fully assembled Q.bo Complete Pro robot costs
€2,299 – the prices for these will increase to
€2,123.75 and €2,873.75 respectively after the first
1,000 units are sold.”

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