Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Officially Released

“Some updates take longer than others.

“Linux vendor Red Hat (NYSE:RHAT) today officially released Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6). The new RHEL 6 operating system
includes new Linux kernel, scalability, virtualization and
performance improvements over its predecessors.

“”RHEL 6 is not a point of a new product,” Paul Cormier
executive vice president, engineering at Red Hat said during the
RHEL 6 launch event. “This is the culmination of 10 years of
development, learning and partnering to get to the point now where
we feel that RHEL 6 is at the heart of the data center.”

“RHEL 6 is the first major version update to Red Hat’s flagship
Linux platform in three years. RHEL 5 debuted in 2007 and has since
been updated with five point releases, with a sixth currently in