Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta Adds NVDIMM Support, Improves Security

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta brings lots of improvements and innovations, support for new hardware devices, and improves the overall security of the Linux kernel-based operating system used by some of the biggest enterprises and organizations around the globe. Among some of the major new features implemented in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 release, we can mention important networking improvements, and support for Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Modules (NVDIMMs). Also new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta is support for high-speed direct data transfer through use of traditional NFS (Network File System) semantics by allowing parallel NFS (pNFS) clients to directly mount SCSI volumes that are being shared by pNFS servers, High Availability Add-On support on the IBM z Systems platform, updates to SELinux tools for improved security, smart card authentication support for Active Directory (AD), and support for the OpenSCAP workbench.