Red Herring: Betting the farm on Linux

“As this is the beginning of a year that is sure to be filled
with new products, new business models, and new innovation, we
thought it would be timely to talk with the head of a company that
embraces all three: Bruce Twickler, president and CEO of
Andover.net…the largest Linux and open-source community

“Hambrecht really understood the market, and that provided us
with many benefits,” said Mr. Twickler. “We wouldn’t have been put
on top of other investment banks’ programs.”

“As well, Mr. Twickler was really impressed with the research
support Hambrecht has provided (and will continue to provide).
There is no comparable overall market view anywhere that has
as comprehensive and insightful a view of what Linux is all about,”
said Mr. Twickler. “In terms of understanding the market and where
we’re going, as well as our goals and objectives, they will provide
us with the best coverage.