Red Herring: IEntertainment gets Linux boost

“The latest unsolved Linux mystery is brought to you by the
long-suffering iEntertainment Network (Nasdaq: IENT), an online
video-game vendor whose stock leaped 89 percent Friday to close at
$4.12 per share. The huge uptick apparently resulted from news
that iEntertainment plans a link to the Web site of Red Hat
(Nasdaq: RHAT), the Linux vendor that lost $5.3 million on $7.2
million in revenue over its last reported six-month

“What’s most perplexing is that Linux, the freeware computer
operating system, is designed around the socialist principle that
everyone should contribute to software development and that
operating systems should be free to all. In a similar humanitarian
spirit, analysts predict Red Hat will continue losing money for at
least the next two years.”