Red vs. Green: Penguins, Geckos and Duct Tape

[ Thanks to Ross
for this link. ]

“Ok, so my title is a little misleading, there’s not any rivalry
between the different areas of Novell and SUSE, other than the
usual desire to see your business unit succeed just a little more
‘betterly’ than the other units do. It’s all about friendly

“What I’m referring to (with Red vs. Green) is the necessary
dividing line between the traditional Novell business units like
Workgroup (Netware, Open Enterprise Server, Groupwise etc.) which I
think of as ‘Red,’ and the newer and Open Source-centric business
unit called Open Platform Solutions (SLES, SLED, SLERT, SLEPOS
etc.), which I think of as ‘Green…'”

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