Results of 2nd Open Source and Community Licensing Summit to be Announced

On Friday, March 5, O’Reilly & Associates is hosting the 2nd
Open Source(TM) and Community Licensing Summit in San Jose, CA. Tim
O’Reilly, president and CEO of O’Reilly & Associates, is
convening this gathering of leading open source developers and
representatives from corporations that are working with the open
source community.

The approximately 50 participants at this private meeting will
explore the opportunities and challenges in advancing the use and
further development of open source software.

At the press conference immediately following the summit,
participants will report on the results of the meeting and answer
questions from the press.

O’Reilly fueled the interest in open source software by hosting
the 1st Open Source Summit in April, 1998.

Participants at the 2nd Open Source and Community Licensing
Summit include:

Jeremy Allison, Samba
Ken Arnold, Sun-Jini
Larry Augustin, VA Research
Fred Baker, IETF
Brian Behlendorf, Apache Group
Steve Burbeck, IBM
Steve Byrne, Java-Linux Port
Wayne Caccamo, Hewlett Packard
Ken Coar, IBM/Apache
L. Peter Deutsch, Ghostscript
David Fair, Intel
Roy Fielding, Apache Group
John Gilmore, Cygnus Solutions
Jim Hamerly, Netscape
Dick Hardt, ActiveState
Chris Hernberger, Corel/Netwinder
Jordan Hubbard, FreeBSD
Phil Hughes, Linux Journal
Alexandre Julliard, Corel/Wine
Tom Kalil, National Economic Council
Ransom Love, Caldera
Rob Malda, Slashdot.org
Charles Marker, SGI
Kirk McKusick, BSD
Cliff Miller, Pacific Hi Tech
Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly & Associates
Sam Ockman, Penguin Computing
Greg Olson, Sendmail, Inc.
Jon Orwant, The Perl Journal
John Ousterhout, Scriptics
Sameer Parekh, OpenSSL/C2Net
Arvind Parthasarathi, Oracle
Chris Peterson, Foresight Institute
Eric Raymond, Open Source Initiative
Chip Salzenberg, Open Source Initiative
Janet Smith, Informix
Gavriel State, Corel-Wine
Jon Stevens, Java/Apache
Michael Tiemann, Cygnus Solutions
Linus Torvalds, Linux
Guido van Rossum, Python
Hal Varian, UC Berkeley
Paul Vixie, Internet Software Consortium
Larry Wall, Perl
Tim Wilkenson, Kaffe
Bob Young, Red Hat
Jamie Zawinski, Mozilla.org

Friday, March 5, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
San Jose Museum of Art, Charlotte Wendel Room
110 South Market St., San Jose
Beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served
RSVP to Sara Winge: sara@oreilly.com or 800-998-9938


Open Source is a trademark of the Open Source Initiative.

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