Review of Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

[ Thanks to Sean for
this link. ]

“A positive trait in the presentation of this book is that it is
all based on practical everyday examples which, with minor
adaptation, can be used by many for their own daily tasks. For
instance, there are several examples which describe searching for
and processing files, which, I’d imagine, many users would want to
do on a regular basis. Thus, providing realistic examples allows
the book to double its utility. The language and approach used is
simple and conversational, and the presentation is very clear, with
each idea being described as a problem statement followed by a “How
to do it” section with the actual code, and ending with a
discussion of the nitty-gritties of the code. It is easy to go for
a quick scan for those in a hurry, while those who with to read in
more detail will not be disappointed either”