Review: SalixOS 13.1.2 KDE

“Ever heard of SalixOS? Well, it’s only the best (hands-down?)
Slackware based Operating System! There are other competitors;
Zenwalk, Vector Linux, and my own nFluxOS Slackware -current build.
However; only SalixOS is 100% compatible with Slackware 13.1, all
the other’s differ in many respects, as both Vector and Zenwalk
have drifted a bit to their own identities, which is why SalixOS
was created in the first place. Quoted from Wikipedia SalixOS
article, “Salix OS was originally initiated by some
ex-members/contributors/developer of Zenwalk project who wanted to
come back to a closer compatibility with Slackware as well as to
the FOSS truly cooperative & open philosophy.

“SalixOS now distributes three live versions, LXDE, XFCE4, and
KDE along with install-only iso’s, sources, and some older releases
too. I chose to install the KDE 13.1.2 live version, which is
arguably the “heaviest” Desktop in linux, but it’s also probably
the most full-featured also, with Gnome as it’s only real
competitor. Being an avid Slacker, I have been using SalixOS since
it’s initial release in 2009, and have found it to be everything it
claims to be; an easy-to-use, customized, user-friendly Slackware