Review: Zonbu Zonbook and gOS Cloudbook

“I recently had the opportunity to try out two very different
laptop-like computing appliances, both based on Via C7-M processors
and priced around $400. The Zonbu Laptop proved to be one of the
most civilized, well-behaved Linux systems I have ever used, while
the gOS Cloudbook was a real handful, despite its tiny size.

“The Zonbu Laptop is a generously sized yet fairly lightweight
machine with a large, 15.4-inch widescreen format display. It runs
a managed Linux OS with a full complement of open source
application software. By ‘managed,’ I mean that the OS updates
itself in the background from time to time. It also backs up the
user’s files to Amazon’s S3 web service, although the user need not
be aware of that detail. Online storage, backups, and updates come
with a monthly subscription fee…”