Reviews ‘r’ Us: Review of Quake: The Offering for Linux

[ Thanks to Sandy
for this link. ]

“Quake: The Offering now comes for Linux, and is the start of
what I hope to be a flood of games coming to this new OS, which is
certainly gathering a good following. Macmillan have recently
released a mass of Linux software, and at the same time, they have
unleashed this, and its big brother, Quake 2 Colossus. The Quake
pack contains Quake plus the two official mission packs. Quake?
Isn’t that ancient now? What’s the Point? Well, that’s what I first
thought when I started to review it. Then I found out that there is
a lot more to Quake than simply being the prequel to the greatest
game ever.”

I simply say it straight out: If you ignore the graphics
and just compare gameplay, Quake has a better single player mode
than Quake 2. Just.
Mind you, that cannot be saying much, as I
reckon that most people only play single player Quake 2 to get
practice for that nights deathmatch. Well, with Quake it doesn’t
have to be that way. You can have fun playing through the levels,
and then maybe top it off with a little Mulitplayer. Maybe.”

” You would think that there wouldn’t be that much interest in
Quake on the internet, but surprisingly enough, it still has a
massive following, and while the number of mods and levels for it
isn’t quite the same as with Quake 2, it is still pretty goddamn
impressive. But anyway, it will be a long time before you have
actually completed Quake and its two mission packs. The two packs
included are “Scourge of Armageddon” and “Dissolution of Eternity”.
The names may well be pretty crap, but believe me, the action is
far from it.”