RHCE2B.COM: What is the RHCE Exam?

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“The pass rate for the RHCE exam is around 58-63%. See
Red Hat’s official statistics..

In order to pass the exam, you have to have an average of 80%
with no individual section being lower than 50%. From talking to
the people in my class, the ones who failed did pretty well on the
multiple choice, but had problems when it came to the debugging
section. If you don’t get at least 50% on the debugging exam, you
cannot pass. The Installation and Network Services section is also
a stumbling block for some people. Make sure you go over the list
of objectives and study everything that is there. I highly
recommend taking the RH 300 class. The labs in that class really
helped prepare me for the exam. In addition to the RH 300 class, I
read through several of the RHCE preparation books. They really
helped me discover what areas I needed more experience with before
the class.

To begin preparing for the RHCE exam, first read through the
RHCE Exam Prep Guide. Notice the 31 things they tell you to know.
Next, check out Top 31 Things To Know For The RHCE Exam from
Unixreview.com. Check out everything here at www.RHCE2B.com as


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