Robolinux 3D 8.7 “Raptor” Xfce Edition Is Out to Let You Run Windows Virus Free

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 “Jessie” operating system and powered by its rock-solid and long-term supported Linux 3.16 kernel,

Robolinux 3D 8.7 “Raptor” Xfce Edition uses the latest lightweight Xfce 4.12 desktop environment, and it’s bundled with over 120 custom built printer, Wi-Fi, and video drivers. In the good tradition of the Robolinux “Raptor” series, the Robolinux 3D 8.7 “Raptor” Xfce Edition is shipping with a VirtualBox-based, highly tweaked Stealth VM virtual machine that lets users run various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system without the fear of getting infected by viruses or other malware.