Roundup: Pundits Not Dreamy About Android

Tecosystems: Android, the GPL, and Java: The Q’s with No

“The one I really can’t figure out is this: how did Google (and
friends) manage to build a ‘complete mobile phone software stack’
built on the GPL licensed ‘open Linux Kernel’ that’s itself
licensed under the ‘commercial-friendly’ Apache v2 license that
protects would-be adopters from the ‘from the ‘viral infection’
problem.” Before you ask, yes that’s a direct quote, and yes I
think using it is an exceptionally poor decision. I expected more
from you, Google…”

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Wall Street Journal: Google Phone: A Business-Tech Nightmare
Waiting to Happen

“Here’s the first thing that will happen when a phone with
Google’s operating system hits the market: Information-technology
departments will ban employees from connecting phones that run
Google’s operating system to their computers or the corporate
network. The reason is that Google’s operating system is open,
meaning anyone can write software for it. That includes bad guys,
who will doubtlessly develop viruses and other malicious code for
these phones, which unsuspecting Google phones owners will
download. Employees could spread the malicious code to the rest of
the company when they synch their phones to their computers or use
it to check email…”

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InformationWeek: Google’s Android: The Greatest Vaporware
Smartphone Ever

“Google’s announcement of the new, ‘Android’ smartphone platform
had less substance than a fashion show at a nudist colony. It’s a
non-existent smartphone, codeless software, and an alliance of
major mobile phone players that leaves out most of the major phone

“And still their stock price went up. Damn, they’re

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Underexposed: Will Google Fracture or Unify Mobile Linux?

“Forgive me if I appear a little skeptical here about Google’s
Open Handset Alliance. By my count, it’s the fifth consortium so
far to attempt to craft something useful for mobile phones out of
Linux and open-source software.

“OHA has by far the highest profile, it’s got the most
persuasive list of members, and its timing is the best. What’s not
yet clear is whether the ‘Android’ work of Google and its allies
will unify or further fragment work in the area…”


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